Ultima Thule

When his father dies unexpectedly 30 year old Bartek struggles to make sense of life. Inspired by his father’s unrealised dream he leaves his family and travels to the “furthest point” of the title, Foula, a remote Scottish island (where Michael Powell filmed THE EDGE OF THE WORLD). Here he is forced to confront both solitude and the power of nature. Chrostowski’s striking, minimalist feature debut explores the importance of honest human relationships. A compelling performance from Jakub Gierszał sits at the centre of this contemplative film, which won the Best Micro Budget Film Award at Gdynia Festival 2023. Watch for the scene stealing appearances of a small goat. (Kinoteka Polish Film Festival)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Ultima Thule (2023) - Call Me Tony (2017, mid-length doc)
Competition Fiction 2024
Klaudiusz Chrostowski
Poland 2023
79 minutes
English / Polish
OV with English subtitles

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Film guest(s) present: Klaudiusz Chrostowski (Director)

Film guest(s) present: Klaudiusz Chrostowski (Director)

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Screenplay Klaudiusz Chrostowski
Cinematography Michał Rytel-Przełomiec
Editing Sandra Ksepka, Krzysztof Komander
Sound/Sounddesign Bartosz Putkiewicz, Jerzy Szelewicz
Music Wojciech Frycz
With Weronika Humaj, Jakub Gierszał, Chloe Tallack, Arthur Henri
Producer(s) Beata Rzeźniczek, Klaudia Śmieja-Rostworowska, Klaudiusz Chrostowski, Jakub Gierszał
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Gdynia Polish Film Festival 2023