Valoa valoa valoa

Light Light Light

In the spring of 1986, the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl explodes, spreading fear across the world. At the same time, 15-year-old Mariia falls for Mimi, who has just moved to the small village in southern Finland. Together, they experience their first passionate summer of love. However, the ominous messages on the radio about the Soviet disaster seem to cast a shadow on their fate. And when Mariia returns to her hometown 20 years later, she is confronted with her painful memories from that fateful summer in the mid-80s. Finnish director Inari Niemi creates a sensitive coming-of-age story, skillfully navigating between Mariia's sun-drenched youth and her present, where sorrow seems to have swallowed all the light. (Annie Karlsson, Göteborg Film Festival)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Valoa valoa valoa (Light Light Light, 2023) - Yksittäistapaus (One-Off Incident, 2019) - Joulumaa (Wonderland, 2017) - Kesäkaverit (Summertime, 2014)
2024: CROSSING EUROPE Award - YAAAS! Youth Jury
YAAAS! Competition 2024
Inari Niemi
Finland 2023
91 minutes
OV with German subtitles / OV with English subtitles

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Film guest(s) present: Juuli Niemi (Script)

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Screenplay Juuli Niemi
Cinematography Sari Aaltonen
Editing Hanna Kuirinlahti
Sound/Sounddesign Mikko Mäkela, Jan Andresson, Tuomas Klaavo, Hisham Sharafeddine
Music Joel Melasniemi
With Rebekka Baer, Anni Iikkanen, Laura Birn, Pirjo Lonka, Arttu Kapulainen, Liisi Tandefelt
Producer(s) Oskari Huttu
Lucy Loves Drama
World Sales
Austrian Premiere
Austrian Rights
World Premiere
Just Film Tallinn 2023