VÖEST - Austrofred & Kurt Razelli

The video for Austrofred & Kurt Razelli’s ode to home comes with iconic images, pathos and irony: “When I die, spread my ashes all across Upper Austria!”

Director's Biography
Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker (*1979, Upper Austria) is a filmmaker. Kurt Razelli is a musician and video mash-upper. Austrofred is the champ.
Films - Selection
VÖEST - Austrofred & Kurt Razelli (2022) - Atomlos durch die Macht (Nuclear Free Power to the People, 2019, Kaiser-Mühlecker; CE'19) - 20 Joa in Ö - Alkbottle (2010, Kaiser-Mühlecker) - Wie Gott in Schlierbach (2009, Kaiser-Mühlecker) - Attwenger Adventure (2007, Kaiser-Mühlecker; CE'07)
Local Artists 2022
Kurt Razelli, Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker, Austrofred
Austria 2022
4 minutes
Music Video
Screenplay Kurt Razelli, Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker, Austrofred
Cinematography Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker
Editing Kurt Razelli
Music Austrofred & Kurt Razelli
Producer(s) Kurt Razelli, Austrofred