Wall of Death

A documentation about the phenomenon called “Wall of Death”. A wall of death is an event that happens at heavy metal gigs. Basically, during a show the crowd will split up into a big circle or into two rows with a gap of approximately 10 meters in between. Then, after a command by the singer or spontaneously, the people on both sides run against each other, sometimes resulting in serious injury.

Director's Biography
CLEMENS KOGLER, geb. 1980 in Steyr, studierte an der Kunstuniversität Linz. Lebt und arbeitet als freischaffender Künstler, Grafiker und Filmschaffender in Wien. // Filme (Auswahl): LE GRAND CONTENT (2007), HERR BAR (2007; CE '07), CUTE - CUTECUTE (2008; CE '08), STUCK IN A GROOVE (2010; CE '10), SPECKBROT – JULIAN UND DER FUX (2012, CE '13), WALL OF DEATH (2012)
Local Artists 2013
Clemens Kogler
Austria 2012
23 minutes
German version