Was Ist Los - Big J

Big J is portrayed in his “everyday life”. The young rapper makes contact via iPhone with the “older generation” and is on his way to the sound studio to record a new song there with the producer (Flip from “Texta”). Cross-generational collaboration is exemplified in the video, conveying a sense of belonging within the scene, which recognizes no boundaries in terms of ethnic origin, gender or class.

Director's Biography
Helmut Geissler, geb. 1981 in Vöcklabruck. Lebt und arbeitet in Linz. Studium an der Kunstuniversität Linz. Autodidaktischer Kameramann und Cutter.

Filme (Auswahl): brooklinz finest - Big J (2008),Thrones Infected - R/V/L/T/D (R: Johannes Staudenbauer; Kamera 2009), AMIRA - Michael Strauss (2009), Robot Sneaker (R: Klaus Reiter; Kamera, 2009)
Local Artists 2010
Helmut Geissler
Austria 2009
3 minutes