Wir sind die Mutanten

What does a reform-oriented company do, when it is stuck with a group of employees who cannot be fired? In the course of reforming the postal service in Austria, a kind of parallel universe was founded for the employees that are to stay in the company until they retire. People spending the working day without meaningful occupation, kept busy with dubious continuing education, and located in separate office tracts: this socially acceptable measure turns out to be an insidious contempt for human dignity with a system. (Lina Dinkla)

Director's Biography
KONRAD WAKOLBINGER, born 1969 in Rohrbach, Austria. After a training in logistics and information management, he has been working in the field of film production as an executive producer and production assistant for TV, short and advertising films since 2003. Konrad Wakolbinger lives and works in Vienna. WIR SIND DIE MUTANTEN is his first film as a director.
Arbeitswelten | Working Worlds 2013
Konrad Wakolbinger
Austria 2013
15 minutes
German version
Screenplay Konrad Wakolbinger
Cinematography Wolfgang Hähling, Thomas Marschall, Konrad Wakolbinger
Editing Konrad Wakolbinger
Sound/Sounddesign Konrad Wakolbinger