Youth Topia

"We're screwing up our entire future," Wanja and her friends say jokingly, as they count the likes on their smartphones. The colourful bunch has no intention of worrying about the future; all they are interested in is having fun and causing uproar. Free from any responsibilities, this clique of long-term youths lives in an old barn, away from the city. Society is being entirely monitored online by the so-called "algorithm": it determines when someone is considered an adult or gets a job. Everything suddenly changes the day Wanja is classified as an adult. Her new life as an architect, which comes with an apartment and car, soon opens up new privileges. A struggle between impetuous youth and a growing sense of duty begins. (Zurich Film Festival)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Youth Topia (2021) - Light Inside (2019, short) - Looking at Others (2017, doc short) - Komm, ich fackel deine Eigentumswohnung ab (Let’s burn something on my way out!, 2015, short)
2022: CROSSING EUROPE Award - YAAAS! Youth Jury
YAAAS! Competition 2022
Dennis Stormer
Switzerland / Germany 2021
85 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Marisa Meier, Dennis Stormer
Cinematography Jonas Schneider
Editing Noëmi Preiswerk
Sound/Sounddesign Daniel Fuchs
With Lia von Blarer, Saladin Dellers, Lou Haltinner, Jürg Plüss, Elsa Langnäse, Timon Kiefer
Producer(s) Marisa Meier, Katrin Renz, Stefan Jäger, Reiner Krausz, Vita Spiess, Dennis Stormer
tellfilm GmbH, Intuition Club, Sehstern Filmproduktion
World Sales
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Zurich Film Festival 2021