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Local Artists Special 2024: Dagmar Schürrer | YAAAS! Young Programmers | "anton bruckner 2024": Crossing Europe Warm-up on 26 April with Die Phantastische

30.01.2024 // In 2024, the six-day period of the 21st edition of Crossing Europe will turn Linz once again into the hot spot of contemporary, courageous and artistically ambitious European cinema and its players. Audiences, filmmakers, and guests from Austria and abroad can look forward to a festival program that comprises approx. 140 recent feature, documentary and short films. The full program will be announced at the press conference on 18 April.
Local Artists Special 2024: Dagmar Schürrer
In this press release, we are happy to announce our first festival highlight of 2024: A Local Artists Special will be dedicated to the digital artist Dagmar Schürrer, who was born in Upper Austria and lives in Berlin.
Schürrer devotes herself to animation and extended reality (XR) technologies, both in her work as an artist and at university level, presentations of her digital art included, among others, the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Tate Modern, London, Centre Pompidou, Paris, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, and several times at Crossing Europe.
In her animations, Schürrer links (neuro)sciences and new technologies like artificial intelligence with poetic interpretations of human consciousness: She uses digitally generated 3D objects, found-footage, text, drawings, and sound to create complex, continually transforming montages that disband the borders between abstract and figurative, synthetic and organic.  At the 21st festival edition, a short film program and subsequent talk with the artist will provide our audience with the chance to immerse themselves in Dagmar Schürrer’s works in a cinematic surrounding.
YAAAS! Youth Program: Young Programmers 2024
2024 marks the fifth edition of the YAAAS! Youth Program, aimed at filling youths with enthusiasm for the film medium and imparting media competence in a low-threshold manner. A central component is the YAAAS! Competition, for which six recent European feature films were selected by the YAAAS! Young Programmers 2024 Selina Bartuschek, Thomas Benda, Lina Eberhart, Lisa Felleitner, Florentina Gruber and Aleksa Jovic. The six students from the HBLA für künstlerische Gestaltung Linz receive an introduction to film curating, will write synopses on the works that they have selected and during the festival, they will host the introductions and Q&A sessions at the YAAAS! screenings.

“anton bruckner 2024”: Crossing Europe Warm-up on 26 April with Die Phantastische
In the context of "anton bruckner 2024", a warm-up event for Crossing Europe will be held on 26 April at the Moviemento cinema in cooperation with the University of Arts Linz: Directed by Jutta Strohmaier, a photo and media artist and professor at the University of Arts Linz, and by renowned filmmaker Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Anton Bruckner and his oeuvre will be introduced to a new audience by students from the University of Art and Design Linz using artistic-cinematic approaches as part of the project Die Phantastische.

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