Press Release #2/23

Working Worlds 2023: Art Is but a Job | YAAAS! Competition & School Screenings | Cinema Next Europe Club

28.02.2023 // The 20th edition of CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz will take place from April 26 to May 1, once again offering a platform for young and unconventional auteur cinema from all over Europe. This year the program section Working Worlds (with the kind support of AK Oberösterreich/Kultur and in cooperation with DOK Leipzig) is titled Art Is but a Job and focuses on the work life of artists, drawing a great line from the art scene to award-winning cuisine, immersing itself into the ordinary everyday lives of artists between the canvas and the brush, knife and plate. In DANIEL RICHTER (DE 2022) Pepe Danquart captures the famous artist’s professional daily life as well as private moments and asks how a political mind can be reconciled with the capitalism of the art market. In SHE CHEF (DE/AT) Melanie Liebheit and Gereon Wetzel portray the rocky road of young Austrian cook and newly-named Culinary World Cup champion, Agnes Karrasch, who seeks her own culinary style during her years of training and journeying in the European high-end gastronomy. The program section was curated by Lina Dinkla of DOK Leipzig.

In 2023, CROSSING EUROPE once again plans to actively fill a young audience with enthusiasm for cinema, offering an attractive holistic program of film education, acquisition of media literacy, and DIY video production for the fourth time in the form of the YAAAS! Youth Program. For the YAAAS! Competition, the YAAAS! Young Programmers have selected seven feature films (Austrian premieres) that are highly diverse with regard to content and artistry, three of which are presented in this press release: 9-TAS ŽINGSNIS / THE 9TH STEP (LT 2022, directed by: Irma Pužauskaitė), LE LYCÉEN / WINTER BOY (FR 2022, directed by: Christophe Honoré) and METRONOM (RO/FR 2022, directed by: Alexandru Belc). LE LYCÉEN will also be offered as a school screening, respective information will be available on from March 9. The festival prize CROSSING EUROPE Award – YAAAS! Youth Jury (€ 3000, powered by VdFS) is awarded among the six YAAAS! Competition titles.

The other films from the Working Worlds section and YAAAS! Competition will be announced at the press conference on 13 April and online on on 14 April.
In addition, emerging filmmakers from Austria have until March 12 to apply for the four-day Cinema Next Europe Club practical module at CROSSING EUROPE. The Club is intended to give emerging filmmakers the opportunity to visit CROSSING EUROPE, draw input from the festival programs and to exchange with other young filmmakers on their respective planned projects.

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