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Festival Trailer 2023 | Architecture and Society: Pretty Ugly | Golden Bag Window Display Contest

15.03.2023 // In just under six weeks, CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz (April 26 – May 1) will celebrate its 20th anniversary. For this year’s festival trailer, CROSSING EUROPE was able to engage Anna Sophia Rußmann (*1994) and Kilian Immervoll (*1989). Born in Upper Austria, the two visual artists and filmmakers live and work in Vienna. Over the past years, several of their works have already been featured in the Competition Local Artists at CROSSING EUROPE.
 In DAS MEETING ENDET IN 10 MINUTEN, the camera perspective reveals itself gradually but is never resolved completely. Despite all efforts, someone, or something, always remains watching almost unnoticed. (Gianna Virginia Prein)

The festival trailer will be used to promote the festival on the web and in Austrian arthouse cinemas. It is available here.

Under the title Pretty Ugly, this year’s program section Architecture and Society, curated by Lotte Schreiber, examines the hard-to-determine notion of beauty through the examples of four feature-length and two short documentaries. In ancient times, beauty was determined by harmonious proportions, while in Modernism, aesthetics were always also a social criterion of innovative architecture. And what about today? How can the aspiration for harmony and social balance correlate with the capitalist ideals of profit maximization and unlimited growth? Against this backdrop, the program section takes the audience on a journey throughout Europe. TARA (DE/IT 2022) by Volker Sattel and Francesca Bertin, for example, documents the region around the city of Taranto in southern Italy, once the "Pearl of the Mediterranean," which is suffering the consequences of decades of ecological and economic exploitation.
NÁVŠTĚVNÍCI / THE VISITORS (CZ/NO/SK 2022) by Veronika Lišková takes us to a small town in the spectacular landscape of Svalbard, where not only the ecological balance is in danger, but also the diversity of the community.
The other films of the Architecture and Society section will be announced during the program press conference on April 13 and can be found online from April 14 on

Today, on March 17, the film series NEW POLISH FILMS at Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus, Wien will give a foretaste of this year’s festival program with THE SILENT TWINS (PL/US/GB 2022) by director Agnieszka Smoczyńska, The film will be screened at the 20th CROSSING EUROPE in the European Panorama Fiction section. Two of Smoczyńska’s works were already screened in prior festival editions.

Also, shops in Linz have until April 7 to register to participate in this year’s GOLDEN BAG Window Display Contest.
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