Crossing Europe 2023 / Talk: Action! Herausforderungen im Filmbusiness: Nachhaltigkeit und Fairness

hosted by Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria 
in cooperation with Film- und Musikwirtschaft/WKOO
Guests: Manuel Bauer (das narrativ, Linz), Lena Weiss (Glitter & Doom, Wien), Moderation: Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach

Fair pay, equality, sustainability - the future-oriented use of resources in the film industry is the topic of this talk for young filmmakers. Inputs, tips and practical insights will be given by the two filmmakers Lena Weiss (producer and co-managing director at Glitter and Doom) and Manuel Bauer (creative director and co-managing director of das narrativ, Studio for Film, Animation and Strategy). They will talk about their experiences around human and environmental resources in the film business and which challenges, but also proposed solutions are/might be connected to it.