YAAAS! Video Project

At the heart of the youth program is a format, in which we offer you the chance to work in teams of eight to ten people, supported by media professionals, in order to produce your own contributions about a hot topic in terms of media policy. Usually it would be important to us to mix up people and teams in this project, but due to the pandemic, the teams will remain among themselves this year, i.e. they will come from the same school or class. Apart from that, everything will remain the same: We will provide a film professional as a mentor, equipment, space to work at the festival location, catering and festival accreditation. The theme of the video project will combine two aspects: on the one hand, the motto of the festival to connect Europe and make it borderless, and on the other hand, to be of particular relevance for young people.

If you are interested in the YAAAS! Videoproject 2022 and want to realize a video in an international mixed team, send us a few lines about yourself and a video you made to until January 8, 2022.



YAAAS! Video Project 2021

At the Crossing Europe Film Festival 2021, 40 young people in four teams realized videos with the help of a mentor. The theme was "My sweetest taboo - the temptation to break boundaries". Under this title, the aim was not to ask participants to break taboos, but for them to ask themselves which norms of our society are outdated, obsolete, nonsensical or simply ridiculous for young people. We asked for stories that dealt with seemingly absurd boundaries, lived out the fantasy of crossing them, or played with the idea of breaking taboos. You can check out the results here:
„Makaber“ (Team Elias Illig)
„Traudi“ (Team Sonja Aberl)
„Dare“ (Martina Sochor)
„Oida“ (Team David Panhofer)

Mentors 2021:

A first meeting of this year's mentors with the YAAAS! team already took place on April 16, where the topic and the course of the video project 2021 were discussed.

FLTR: Martina Sochor (Mentor 1), Lea Bernhard (YAAAS! Team), Sonja Aberl (Mentor 2), Elias Illig (Mentor 3), Robert Hinterleitner (YAAAS! Team), David Panhofer (Mentor 4)


Contact & Information: Robert Hinterleitner and Lea Bernhard ()

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