Festival History: 2004

"With the first edition of "Crossing Europe", which ended on Sunday, Linz has registered as a promising newcomer on the film festival map. Sovereign and meritorious, the program met the expectations to provide a forum for films that in Austria fall through the grids of distributors and Viennale."
Die Presse // Alexandra Seitz

On the five days of the festival, starting with the very well attended opening, 5,500 cinema-goers could be recorded at 130 screenings. A further 3,000 visitors attended the events as part of the supporting program, the exhibition “Filmrausch” by Siegfried A. Fruhauf and the festival's Nightline. Over 450 international and Austrian guests (including around 120 journalists) were accredited to CROSSING EUROPE 2004.

The penultimate festival evening of CROSSING EUROPE was dedicated to the award ceremony. As already announced, KAKO UBI SVETEC / HOW I KILLED A SAINT, the debut feature film by Macedonian director Teona S. Mitveska, emerged as the winner of the festival's European competition. Michaela Schwentner was honoured with the CROSSING EUROPE 2004 Award Local Artist for her experimental video work JET; Rainer Gamsjäger for BLOWFELD and Regina Stefanschitz for NIX G'SCHEITS DRIN were praised by the Local Artists Jury.

Audience number: 9.000
Films: 143
Countries of origin: 30
Film guests: 40
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