A Parked Life

Petar is one of the hundreds of thousands of Eastern European truck drivers who cross the European mainland for 48 weeks a year. Life on endless highways and creepy parking lots is monotonous and hard, but it's the only chance to give his son a better future. But the toll that Petar and the others have to pay is high. A PARKED LIFE offers a multicolored view of the European continent, from the simmering deserts of Spain to the frozen north of Norway. (docville.be)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
A Parked Life (2022, doc) - Out of the Desert (2015, mid-length doc)
Competition Documentary 2022
Peter Triest
Belgium / Netherlands 2022
76 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Cinematography Renaat Lambeets
Editing Ralf Verbeek
Sound/Sounddesign Thibaut Darscotte, Manu Botteriaux
Music Bert Dockx
With Petar Doychev
Producer(s) Bart van Langendonck, Ilja Roomans, Tatjana Kozar
Eklektik Productions, Savage Films
World Sales
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere