The River Oder: A historical and cultural landscape churned again and again by the tide of events of the past century. A tale told in concentric circles about a region which was and still is the scene of the beginning, end and open middle of voluntary and involuntary migrations. Virulent issues of daily life and politics that, asked with confident casualness, provide a robust account of the present. Movements and stories in the border region between Poland and Germany – Andreas Voigt’s new film takes up the themes of his 1992 work BORDERLAND – A JOURNEY. (Ralph Eue, DOK Leipzig)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Grenzland (2020, doc) - Alles andere zeigt die Zeit (Time Will Tell, 2015, doc) - Als wir die Zukunft waren (2015, doc, directed with Peter Kahane, Thomas Knauf, Hannes Schönemann, Gabriele Denecke, Ralf Marschalleck, Lars Barthel) - Invisible - Illegal in Europa (2004, doc) - Große weite Welt (1997, doc) - Ostpreussenland (1995, doc) - Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung (Faith, Love, and Hope, 1994, doc) - Grenzland - Eine Reise ( Border Territories - A Journey, 1992, doc) - Letztes Jahr Titanic (Last Year Titanic, 1991, doc) - Leipzig im Herbst (Leipzig in Autumn, 1989)
European Panorama Documentary 2021
Andreas Voigt
Germany / Poland 2020
100 minutes
German / Polish / English
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Andreas Voigt
Cinematography Marcus Lenz, Maurice Wilkerling, Sebastian Richter, Andreas Voigt, Wojciech Ostrowski
Editing Ina Tangermann
Sound/Sounddesign Gerhard Ziegler, Peter Carstens, Boris Jöns, Wojciech Cwyk
Producer(s) Barbara Etz, Kazimierz Beer, Klaus Schmutzer
á jour Film, Barbara Etz Filmproduktion, nordfilm, rbb, MDR
World Sales
Barbara Etz Filmproduktion
Austrian Premiere
Austrian Rights
World Premiere
DOK Leipzig 2020

With the kind support of the Polish Institute Vienna