In & Out - Texta

What interested me most was making a vivid portrait of an artist collective that has been making music together for two decades. How do the individual protagonists tick, where are ideas and ideals, conflicts and wounds hidden? […] At the same time, I wanted to make a film that people who are not TEXTA fans could watch too, because what is central is not the band’s music, but rather their texts and the subject matter of the songs. TEXTA prove to be precise chroniclers of our society, and they have no inhibitions about political and abstract subject matter. The film seeks to find its own visual interpretation of hip hop culture, in order to question the prefabricated media perception of this music. […] (Dieter Strauch)

Director's Biography
Dieter Strauch, geboren 1973 in Linz, ist Autodidakt. Er war Programmgestalter im Kulturverein Kanal Schwertberg und sammelte Berufserfahrung als Kameraassistent bei Peter Puluj Filmproduktion und als Videocutter im ORF Landesstudio OÖ. Seit 1999 führt Strauch sein eigenes Unternehmen „VeryVary Filmproduction“, und ist in den Bereichen Dokumentation, Spielfilm und Musikvideo tätig. // Filme (Auswahl): LEBEN OHNE FASSADE (Life without Facade, 2010; CE '10), LOVE SIGNS (2011; CE '11), TUESDAY CLASSICS – FLIP & AVERAGE (2012; CE '13), TEXTA IN & OUT (2014)
Local Artists · Eröffnungsfilme | Opening Films 2014
Dieter Strauch
Austria 2014
color & black and white
82 minutes
Screenplay Dieter Strauch, Jakob Kaiser
Cinematography Jakob Kaiser, Dieter Strauch
Editing Karol Kensy
With Flip, Huckey, Laima, DJ Dan, Skero
VeryVary Filmproduction Stelzhamerstraße 3a 4210 Gallneukirchen T +43 664 33 41 737