Pepi Fandango

Peter Perez (known as Pepi), a Viennese Sephardic Jew, associates flamenco singing with the worst moments of his childhood, when he was interned in the Rivesaltes concentration camp where Roma children sang to communicate with their parents on the other side of the barbed wire. Pepi, now a man in his 80s, undertakes a quixotic journey across Europe seeking to express himself through a fandango. (Spanish Kaleidoscope – New Spanish Films)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Pepi Fandango (2023, doc) - La Chana (2016, doc; CE17)
European Panorama Documentary 2024
Lucija Stojević
Spain 2023
color & black and white
80 minutes
German / Spanish / English / French
OV with English subtitles

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Film guest(s) present: Lucija Stojevic (Director), Peter René Pérez (Protagonist)

Film guest(s) present: Lucija Stojevic (Director), Peter René Pérez (Protagonist)

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Screenplay Lucija Stojević
Cinematography Samuel Navarrete
Editing Lucija Stojević, Mariona Solé Altimira
Sound/Sounddesign Andrés Bartos Amory, Diego Pedragosa, Laura Tomás Cascallo
Music Alfred Pahola
With Peter Perez, Alfred Pahola, Rufino García Cote
Producer(s) Andrés Bartos Amory, Lucija Stojević, Deirdre Towers
Noon Films
World Sales
Noon Films
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Warsaw Film Festival 2023