Ruins in Reverse

Shot in southern Ukraine, RUINS IN REVERSE documents the formation process of an installation being built from reused bricks of a former Soviet residential building.

Director's Biography
Olena Newkryta (*1990) is a Ukrainian-Austrian visual artist. She grew up in Upper Austria and is now based in Vienna. Her interdisciplinary work includes the moving image, photography, and installations, and was awarded prizes such as the START-Scholarship of the Federal Ministry and the Kunsthalle Wien Award.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Ruins in Reverse (2020) - Larisa (2015; CE'16) - Film Still (2013, co-directed with Nana Turner; CE'14)
Local Artists 2021
Olena Newkryta
Austria / Ukraine 2020
color & black and white
25 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Olena Newkryta
Cinematography Olena Newkryta
Editing Olena Newkryta
Music Peter Paul Aufreiter
Producer(s) Olena Newkryta