“Anna arrives alone at the Italian holiday home of an extended bourgeois family. She‘s the old school friend of matriarch Verena, but is soon distracted from ‘the olds‘ and drawn to the vitality and energetic escapades of the teenagers in the group, in particular to cocky Oakley.” (Michael Hayden) “Under-the-radar discovery of the year. A terse, psychologically astute piece with echoes of Michael Haneke’s chilly rigour.” (Jonathan Romney)

Director's Biography
Born in London in 1960, Joanna Hogg resides and works in the United Kingdom’s capital. She studied at the National Film & Television School in Buckinghamshire, where her graduation film, CAPRICE (1986), starred “Matilda” (a.k.a. Tilda) Swinton in a very early screen appearance for the future Oscar-winner. Hogg also worked in photography, experimental film and music video, and her television work in the 1990s included episodes of the popular series LONDON'S BURNING, CASUALTY and LONDON BRIDGE, plus the stand-alone EASTENDERS special DOT'S STORY (2003).
Competition Fiction 2008
Joanna Hogg
Great Britain 2007
100 minutes
Screenplay Joanna Hogg
Cinematography Oliver Curtis
Editing Helle le Fevre
With Kathryn Worth, Tom Hiddleston, Mary Roscoe, David Rintoul, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Harry Kershaw, Michael Hadley, Emma Hiddleston
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