Was eine Familie leisten kann

What a Family Can Do

Cinematic essay on a woman’s experience of control and subjugation, which is acted out and dealt with mainly through body and language. (Michelle Koch)

Director's Biography
Sybille Bauer (*1989, Linz) is a maker of highly personal and intimate films that do not shy away from the unpleasant. She lives and works in Linz and Vienna.
Films - Selection
Was eine Familie leisten kann (What a Family Can Do, 2021) - Selfie Test #3 (2019; CE'20) - Selfie Test #2 (2018; CE'19) - No Half Life” (2018; CE'18) - Mein Befinden ist gut, nur zeitlich sehr begrenzt (My condition is good but temporarily limited, 2016; CE'16) - Mariedl (2014; CE'15)
Local Artists 2021
Sybille Bauer
Austria 2021
black and white
30 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Sybille Bauer
Cinematography Klemens Koscher, Judith Benedikt
Editing Lisa Zoe Geretschläger
Sound/Sounddesign Eric Spitzer
Producer(s) Sybille Bauer
World Sales
Austrian Premiere