Architecture and Society: LAND FOR US ALL!

17.03.2022 //

In cooperation with the afo architekturforum oberösterreich CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz presents the program section Architecture and Society, curated by Lotte Schreiber (filmmaker, artist) for the thirteenth time. The program section consists of works dealing with the topic of different models of societal coexistence in an interplay with architecture. Against the backdrop of the shift from a collective use to a consumption of land driven by capital, and inspired by the exhibition BODEN FÜR ALLE at afo architekturforum oberösterreich, this year’s program section Architecture and Society is dedicated to the “land issue”, presenting three documentaries and one hybrid film that take a multifaceted look at the economic, ecological, and social importance of land, our basis of life.

LA RESTANZA (BE, IT 2021) by Italian director Alessandra Coppola tells of young people in southern Apulia who clear the fallow and overgrown lands in their native village in service of the community, in order to reactivate it in terms of farming with ecological methods of cultivation. Together with freshly arrived immigrants and the older generation they work the land, cultivate seeds, found a cooperative, and rebuild the ruinous community mill in the village.

A hybrid cinematic form characterizes the work DIE KUNST DER FOLGENLOSIGKEIT | THE ART OF INCONSEQUENTIALITY (DE, AT 2021) that constitutes a kind of meta film for this program. An elaborately interlaced scenario between documentary and fiction, the German-Austrian film production by architect and design theorist Friedrich von Borries and director Jakob Brossmann reflects on the sustainability of artistic creativity in itself, and asks the question what it could actually mean to live a life that has no negative consequences.

The other two films in the program strand Architecture and Society will be announced in a coming media information.

| Announcement of the first films in the program section Architecture and Society |

  • LA RESTANZA (BE, IT 2021), directed by Alessandra Coppola, 92 min. – Austrian premiere
  • DIE KUNST DER FOLGENLOSIGKEIT | THE ART OF INCONSEQUENTIALITY (DE, AT 2021), directed by Friedrich von Borries, Jakob Brossmann, 67 min. – Austrian premiere