Working Worlds 2022: Care

25.02.2022 // For the nineteenth time, the film program Working Worlds is a fixed part of CROSSING EUROPE film festival. Every year a different topic is chosen, but always in relation to working conditions in Europe. The films offer various accounts of the professional world in the twenty first century. In 2022, the program Care will take a close look at self-determination from the beginning to the end of life in four documentaries. The focus is on people who take on responsibilities for the lives of others. Even when the goal is a self-determined life, they are often left with the difficult question if they should keep fighting or if the time has come to let go.
A very clear example of this is the film SHEROES (FR 2021, Aude Pépin) that shows the challenging daily life of an experienced midwife in Paris. Chantal Birman is almost seventy, has been working as a midwife for about forty years, and has dedicated her life to the struggle of women’s liberation. The film documents both the painful and the beautiful moments in Birman’s daily life, in which she visits young mothers to be at their side with care and council.

In DIDA (CH 2021), the directing duo Nikola Ilić and Corina Schwingruber Ilić documents an upheaval in their own family. While Nikola emigrated to Switzerland years ago, his mother Dida lives in Belgrade together with Nikola’s grandmother Dobrila, on whose care Dida depends due to a learning disability. Yet Dobrila is getting older, Nikola gradually has to take over her tasks and now has the responsibility to honor the wishes of self-determination of his mother, without neglecting his own.
The other two films in the section Working Worlds will be presented in the following weeks. The program is curated by Lina Dinkla and Thérèse Athony of the DOK Lepizig, the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film.
| Announcement of the first two films in the program section Working Worlds |
  • À LA VIE / SHEROES (FR 2021), directed by Aude Pépin, 71 min. – Austrian premiere
  • DIDA (CH 2021), directed by Nikola Ilić, Corina Schwingruber Ilić, 78 min. – Austrian premiere
Supported by the AK Oberösterreich/Kultur