Press Releases 2022

Press Release #8/22

Save the Date: 20th CROSSING EUROPE from 26 April - 1 May 2023 | Festival Anniversary 2023: 19 Successful Years in Figures | Film Entries Still Open until January 9, 2023
In April 2023, there will be reason to celebrate: From April 26 to May 1, CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz will be taking place for the 20th time, once again positioning Linz as a cinephile meeting place for European cinema with special attention to the young generation of European filmmakers.

Press Release #7/22

Festival Resume 2022
For six days, Austria's third-largest film festival - after the Viennale and Diagonale festivals - presented cinemagoers with new perspectives from all over Europe. The program offered 148 hand-picked feature films and documentaries from more than 30 countries, with current socio-political but also artistic and eccentric works, highlights of the festival season and regional filmmaking.

Press Release #6/22

Festival Awards 2022
The Awards Ceremony of the 19th edition of the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz took place today in the Ursulinensaal of the OÖ Kulturquartier, the atmospheric evening was hosted by Karin Schmid.

Press Release #5/22

Festival Program 2022
This year's CROSSING EUROPE festival program presents 148 feature films and documentaries from 34 countries, with highlights from this year’s festival season, films by innovative European filmmakers and also regional works.

Press Release #4/22

Opening Films & Closing Film 2022 | Sociopolitical Film Highlights | Film-Collection on | YAAAS! Workshoprally, Close-Up & Youth Jury | Nightline | GOLDEN BAG Window Display Contest
In this press release we present the opening films and the closing film, several film highlights with sociopolitical relevance, a CROSSING EUROPE film-collection on the VOD-platform, details for the YAAAS! Workshop Rally, Close-Up and Youth Jury, the acts and timetable for the Nightline and the GOLDEN BAG Window Display Contest.

Press Release #3/22

Festival trailer | Architecture and Society: LAND FOR US ALL! | Cinema Next Europe Club
In this press release we present the festival trailer 2022 and annouce two films of the program section Architecture and Society. In addition to this, young Austrian filmmakers can apply until 27 March to take part in the four day practice orientated campus Cinema Next Europe Club at CROSSING EUROPE 2022.

Press Release #2/22

Working Worlds 2022: Care | YAAAS! Competition & School Screenings
The nineteenth edition of CROSSING EUROPE film festival Linz will take place from 27 April to 2 May 2022, in this media information we will give a preview of some of the elements and highlights of the festival.

Press Release #1/22

First festival information | Tribute 2022: Fabrice du Welz | Local Artists Special: Dietmar Brehm
Linz will once again become the central hub for European cinema: The nineteenth edition of CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival will take place between 27 April and 2 May 2022.  Currently the festival team – under the new leadership of Sabine Gebetsroither and Katharina Riedler – is in the final phase of compiling the program.