Film Submission for 2024

Films for CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz 2024 can be submitted using the submission forms on the pages linked below. More information, rules & regulations can also be found there.

The deadline for film submissions for all program sections (European feature films, documentaries and Local Artists) for the coming festival edition, which will take place from 30 April to 5 May, 2024, is 8 January, 2024.

On our website you can find information about the CROSSING EUROPE festival awards.

Please address questions related to the film submission to



European Films

For the European program sections, feature-length fiction and documentary films (only films over 60 min.!) produced in 2023 or 2024 can be submitted. We are looking for innovative European films, which reflect current political and social realities of Europe‘s changing societies. CROSSING EUROPE wants to trace a cinema that tells of regional peculiarities and different conditions for living on this continent. 

What is considered a “European Film”?
According to the Crossing Europe Festival regulations, a film is considered "European" if it was (co-)produced in one of the countries of the continent. In addition, the film should tell stories from, related to or about Europe.



Local Artists

This program section presents recent films and videos from 2023/34 and offers Upper Austrian filmmakers an international platform for the presentation of their work. Films of all genres, formats and lengths are welcome, including music videos.

Filmmakers are invited to submit their most recent productions, if they are either born in, currently living, working or studying in Upper Austria, as well as if they’ve received financing from Upper Austria for the submitted film, were (co-)produced by a production company based in Upper Austria or if the film has a clear thematic reference to Upper Austria. In the case of submissions for the Music Video Award, the origin of the musicians also counts as a reference to Upper Austria.