Festival History: 2010

"One thing is certain: “Crossing Europe”, the festival of European film taking place for the seventh time already, does not repeat itself in the subject matter, is not conducive to falling asleep, and is not calming either. On the contrary: magnificent disquieting films from from 25 countries are to be seen starting today. Films that are not shown in cinemas. Although they should be."
Kurier // Veronika Franz

Since the opening of the seventh edition of the Festival on Tuesday, 20 April, by Federal Minister Claudia Schmied, Councilor Josef Stockinger from the Province of Upper Austria, and the Speaker for Culture for the City of Linz, Vice-Mayor Erich Watzl, roughly 17,000 festival guests, film and music enthusiasts (in comparison, the festival 2009 that was a day longer: 18,000 visitors) have attended film screenings, discussion events and presentations and the Nightline of the Festival. The numbers of visitors for the Festival cinemas are especially positive: despite the shorter Festival week, the audience for the film screenings was just as large as in 2009.

In the first year following Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture, CROSSING EUROPE presented a total of 117 films from 25 countries, which were shown in 133 programs plus 12 framework programs; about 115 directors and film guests were personally present to answer questions and discuss with the audience. The festival audience again especially appreciated the relaxed atmosphere in the “festival district” around the festival center in the OK “Offenes Kulturhaus” Upper Austria and in the cinemas.

With 600 accredited international and national festival guests, the interest on the part of the film industry and media in CROSSING EUROPE has never been greater. The increase in cooperation partners and venues was also successful – including AFO – Architecture Forum Upper Austria, the cultural department of the student union of the Johannes Kepler University, and NISI MASA – European Network of Young Cinema.

Audience number: 17.000
Films: 117
Countries of origin: 25
Film guests: 103
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