Festival History: 2009

"Now for the sixth time the Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz is still convincing. [...] The mix of focus on Europe with a compilation of films that may rarely celebrate their world premiere Linz, but are otherwise nowhere else to be seen in this context, with a broad scope at the same time, this is the concept that has made Crossing Europe perhaps the most interesting film festival in Austria."
kultur-online.net // Walter Gasperi

Since the opening of the sixth festival edition on Monday, 20 April by Provincial Governor Josef Pühringer and Vice-Mayor of Linz Erich Watzl, nearly 18,000 festival guests, film and music fans (2008: 16,000) have attended the film screenings, discussions & presentations and the Festival Nightline despite the fine weather during the whole festival week.

With more than 570 accredited international and national festival guests CROSSING EUROPE received unprecedented interest on the part of the film industry and the media. Another positive aspect was the increase in the number of festival venues – e.g. the Chamber of Labour of Upper Austria, the Ann and Pat youth center, the new Ars Electronica Center as well as the Lentos Art Museum. CROSSING EUROPE, which lasted a day longer in this year of exceptional cultural activity, presented a total number of 177 films from 33 countries which were shown in 180 programs. About 130 directors and film guests attended the Q&A sessions. The festival audience especially appreciated the relaxed atmosphere in the area around the OK Offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich festival center.

Audience number: 18.000
Films: 177
Countries of origin: 33
Film guests: 120
Award winners 2009: HERE
Jury 2009: HERE
Film archive 2009: HERE
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