Festival History: 2012

"Poetry of everyday life – The Linz film festival “Crossing Europe”, which opened today, Tuesday in the new Culture Quarter”, brings films to Linz that tell the stories of outsiders or losers. The films are distinguished by compelling images, finely developed dialogues and closeness to a “poetry of everyday reality”."
Kronen Zeitung Oberösterreich (Austria) // Elisabeth Rathenböck

Even the hot summer temperatures in the second half of the festival week could not keep the Linz cinema audience and the nearly 750 professional guests from Austria and abroad from storming the cinema theaters. From the opening on Tuesday, 25 April, to the Award Ceremony on Saturday evening with Federal Minister Claudia Schmied, about 21,000 festival guests and film and music enthusiasts attended the film screenings, exhibitions, talks and the Nightline of the festival. This means that CROSSING EUROPE can register the most successful festival year in its existence.

One reason for the audience growth is certainly the new festival venue – the only recently inaugurated Ursulinensaal in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter. This means that the problems of a lack of space now belong to the past, and the strategy of setting up two program slots in the hall, which seats nearly 400 people, worked out perfectly. In addition, with the completion of the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter, the festival district around the OK “Offenes Kulturhaus”, Moviemento, City Kino and Kapu is now even more attractive. Once again, it provided a festival atmosphere that is invigorating and relaxed at the same time.

The official program presented the festival community with a total of 146 selected feature films, documentaries and short films from 43 different countries – of which there were 96 Austrian premieres (including 22 world premieres). The festival year 2012 thus comprised a total of 160 program slots.

Audience number: 21.000
Films: 146
World premieres: 22
Countries of origin: 43
Film guests: 118
Award winners 2012: HERE
Jury 2012: HERE
Film archive 2012: HERE
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