Rub My Eyes - Hearts Hearts

After a fight, a couple is stuck in a loop. A story about both the beauty and constraint of depending on each other.

Director's Biography
Rupert Höller directed this video for the band Hearts Hearts, who have their roots in Upper Austria. Höller lives and works in Vienna. Focusing on music videos, short films and commercials, he started his career making weird videos in the golden age of YouTube. His love for strange and unique visuals endures.
Films - Selection
Rub My Eyes - Hearts Hearts (2020) - Tides - Ant Antic (2020) - 1 + 1 = 1 (2019) - Ausstieg rechts (Exit Right, 2015, co-directed with Bernhard Wenger)
Local Artists 2021
Rupert Höller
Austria 2020
3 minutes
Music Video

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Screenplay Rupert Höller
Cinematography Matthias Helldoppler
Editing Rupert Höller
Music Hearts Hearts
Producer(s) Rupert Höller