A club night. Laura and an uninvited guest. The way home. A spider bite. "Taranta", the dance supposed to expel the poison from one's body. Drums.

Director's Biography
Vivian Bausch studied theater, film and media sciences as well as time-based media in Vienna and Linz. In 2020, she began her degree studies in directing and editing in Munich. With her numerous experimental films, documentaries and performances, she has participated in exhibitions in Linz, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam and Athens.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
XXX Maßnahmenvollzug (2021) - Die Göttin, die keine Guacamole wollte (2021) - Tarantel (2020) - Zuhause bei meinen Müttern (2020; CE'21)
Local Artists 2021
Vivian Bausch
Austria 2020
12 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Vivian Bausch
Cinematography Elena ML
Editing Vivian Bausch, Dash Rendar
Music Andreea Vladut, Florine Mougel
Producer(s) Vivian Bausch