YAAAS! Competition films & school screenings

29.01.2020 //

// The festival had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. //
// Alternative measures for the festival will be announced at a later date. // 
// The program planned for 2020 will be published online on April 8th for documentation purposes. //

The YAAAS! Competition is one of the four competition sections, and one of the modules of the YAAAS! Youth program at CROSSING EUROPE that established a holistic program for film mediation, the acquisition of media competency and DIY-video production. YAAAS! is aimed at youths between the ages of 15 and 20, who get the chance to enter into an exchange with international media professionals, learn new skills, see and discuss films, as well as present their own works within the framework of a professional film festival. Apart from the screenings of the YAAAS! Competition films, a youth jury, and a video project spanning multiple days, the YAAAS! Youth program offer a series of practical workshops on Friday April 24 that is aimed at individuals, but is also suitable to class excursions.

In the YAAAS! Competition, the YAAAS! Youth Jury selects the winner of the festival prize CROSSING EUROPE Award – Youth Jury – endowed with 3000€. The YAAAS! Competition is a selection of current European feature films that were hand-picked by the YAAAS! Young Programmers. The five youths, Magdalena Chan, Jonas Mayrhofer, Kara Musch, Hanna Triefhaider, and Sabine Wimmer, who all visit our partner school, the HBLA für künstlerische Gestaltung in Linz, were asked to select six feature films for the YAAAS! Competition. After being given an introduction into the process of curating films for a festival, they have been sighting a great number of films since October last year.

In the end, six feature films were selected that all deal with the multitude of living realities of youths and young adults in various ways. In addition, the Young Programmers will be responsible for the Q&A sessions after the screenings of the YAAAS! Competition films, and will take care of the participants of the YAAAS! Workshop program.

The following three YAAAS! Competition films will also be shown in special school screenings, that are already open for registrations. Details, film descriptions, and links to trailers, as well as school materials for the preparation and follow-up of the festival attendance can be found HERE. The other three films will be announced in March.

- Tuesday, 21 April: 10:15 am
Kokon / Cocoon (DE 2020, director: Leonie Krippendorff, 94 min.) – feature-length fiction

- Wednesday, 22. April: 10:15 am
Papicha (FR/DZ/BE/QA 2019, director: Mounia Meddour, 105 min.) – feature-length fiction
| Distribution in Austria: Polyfilm; release date: tba |

- Thursday, 23. April: 10:15 am
All for My Mother / Wszystko dla mojej matki (PL 2019, director: Małgorzata Imielska,
103 min.) – feature-length fiction

| All details for the YAAAS! Youth Program can be found HERE. |