Film Submission EUROPEAN FILMS

Deadline for entries: January 9, 2023
Please note: Feature-length films ONLY (minimum length: 60 min). Short films will not be accepted.

The goal of CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival is to give various perspectives on contemporary European cinema. The program focuses on innovative European films, which reflect current political and social realities of Europe‘s changing societies. We want to trace a cinema that tells of regional peculiarities and different conditions for living on this continent. We aim to open up new cinematic territories, which are underrepresented in the everyday movie business.

What is considered a “European Film”?

According to the Crossing Europe Festival regulations, a film is considered "European" if it was (co-)produced in one of the countries of the continent. In addition, the plot of the film should tell stories from, related to or about Europe.

You can find information on the CROSSING EUROPE festival awards here.

Overview of Film Submission

Deadline for entries: January 9, 2023
Submission fee: There is no submission fee.
How to submit a film? You can submit your film by filling out the submission form below. It is important to include the screening link for the submitted film in the respective field. The link should be available until at least 28. February, 2023. A successful submission does not automatically mean that the film will be included in the festival program.


Please read the conditions for entries below carefully and fill out the submission form mindfully. In case the submitted film gets selected for the festival program, the information entered in the submission form will be used for the festival website and festival magazine.

Conditions for Entries:

Films being entered for the program sections European Competition (Fiction, Documentary & YAAAS!), European Panorama and European Panorama Specials (Architecture and Society, Working Worlds…) must comply with the following conditions:

  • Films must be feature-length (over 60 minutes), otherwise there are no restrictions.

  • Entries must be considered “European Films” – see above for definition.

  • The submitted film must have been produced within 2022/2023 and not previously screened or broadcast in Austria before CROSSING EUROPE in April 2023. The Austrian premiere of the film at CROSSING EUROPE is obligatory.

  • All films selected for the program will be presented in their original versions with English (or in exceptional cases: German) subtitles. It is highly recommended to submit screeners (screening link) with English subtitles.

  • Screening material: the standard screening format for features is DCP. In exceptional cases we can screen 35mm.

Important information:


  • There is no submission fee.

  • Please make sure you submit the form properly – you should receive a confirmation for the successfully submitted film via email once you’ve finished the submission process (Please check your spam folder!). However, once the submission has been sent, you can not edit it.

  • On the last page of the submission, you have the option to save your submission application in order to complete it at a later point in time.

  • You may submit more than one film to the festival, but you must submit a completed submission form for each individual film.

  • You will receive a notification in case your film has been selected for the festival program (latest by the beginning of March 2023).

  • For films that have NOT been selected for the program we will NOT send out any notifications for organizational reasons – thank you for your understanding!

  • The festival reserves the right to choose the program section in which the film is to be included.

  • The festival is not obliged to justify their decision or to provide feedback on submitted films.

  • By submitting a film you furthermore accept the festival’s rules and regulations as stated here.

If you have any questions regarding submissions, please contact us via .