Crossing Europe goes ...

In the coming weeks there will be the chance to watch selected films of the 2024 festival program on the big screen again - in Vienna, Innsbruck, Dornbirn, Salzburg and Freistadt.

Award Winners 2024

On Saturday, the Festival Awards of the 21st festival edition were given out in the Ursulinensaal, Miriam Hie led through the atmospheric evening. Entries from the Competition Fiction, Competition Documentary, Competition Local Artists and YAAAS! Competition were awarded with cash and non-cash prizes worth € 29,500, and the MIOB New Vision Award 2024 (€ 3000) was also presented.

Impressions from the Festival

The fantastic team from is once again in action at the 21st Crossing Europe, capturing the best festival moments. Whether Q&A, talk events or YAAAS! Youth Program, the team of photographers is there live and captures the festival atmosphere for all eternity in our flickr gallery.