The YAAAS! Youth Program 2021

In 2019, CROSSING EUROPE presented a holistic program of film education, acquisition of media competency, and DIY video production for youths for the first time.

10.10.2020: Festival Awards Local Artists Shorts 2020

Today the award ceremony of the “Local Artists Shorts @ OÖ Kulturquartier” (in cooperation with OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH) took place in the Ursulinensaal in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter.

Film Submission 2021

Filmmakers are invited once again to enter their current work for the coming edition of the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz, which will take place April 21 – 26, 2021.

EXTRACTS: Streaming Fiction

In terms of feature films in our VoD film package within “Crossing Europe EXTRACTS”, the audience can look forward to a French alternative to the super hero mainstream, a colorful youth drama paired with Bollywood elements...

EXTRACTS: Streaming Docs

The documentaries in our VoD film package within “Crossing Europe EXTRACTS” feature a Greek village that made their exit strategy out of the financial crisis a self-made tomato sauce, and a group of young “rebels” who find their way into adulthood...

Crossing Europe 2020 – EXTRACTS: The Alternative Program

After the announcement of the cancellation of the festival on 18 March, the festival team and the festival director Christine Dollhofer went through various scenarios in which parts of the planned festival program could be made accessible to audiences.

EXTRACTS: An Opening, 21. April

On the day of the planned festival opening (Tuesday, 21 April) CROSSING EUROPE will present a live discussion and screening from 8 pm onward together with our long-standing media partner dorf tv.

EXTRACTS: Analog Cinema Experience | Autumn 2020

The cinema is a special place to show films. Particularly in the context of those “live moments” during film festivals, the cinema becomes a social space, and is an integral part of the “festival feeling”.

EXTRACTS on VoD | 21 April to 20 May

Considering that cultural life, and thus also going to the cinema has moved into the world of the internet within our own four walls, CROSSING EUROPE will present ten current European feature films...

Festival Program 2020: This would have been it!

For months we have been working intensely on this year’s festival program. Countless hours, and vast amounts of enthusiasm were put into curating this year’s edition.

Canceled, but active!

The Covid-19 pandemic is a serious challenge for all of us, for our families, our society, and particularly the cultural field. As is the case with everyone else, the lives of everyone in the festival team have changed completely from one day to the next.


It is currently no longer possible to continue the preparations for CROSSING EUROPE, and judging from the current situation, it is not realistic to be able to open the festival on 21 April.