Green - Tomá Ivanov

Journeying a rugged moonscape in a VW Golf: In order to change reality, this music video makes use of various devices.

Director's Biography
Dominik Galleya Tendl (*1989, Brixlegg, Tyrol) studies time-based media at the University of Arts Linz.
Films - Selection
Tauchen (Dive, 2021, co-directed with Clemens Niel; CE'21) - Green - Tomá Ivanov (2020) - Oben bleiben (Stay Up, co-directed with Clemens Niel, 2019; CE'19) - MC - TTR Allstars (2018, co-directed with Clemens Niel; CE'19)
Local Artists 2021
Dominik Galleya Tendl
Austria / Croatia 2020
3 minutes
Music Video

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Screenplay Thomas Guggenberger, Dominik Galleya Tendl
Cinematography Thomas Guggenberger
Editing Thomas Guggenberger, Dominik Galleya Tendl
Music Tomá Ivanov
Producer(s) Tomá Ivanov