Prolo4Life - Heckspoiler feat. Franz Fuexe

Bass/drum machinery Heckspoiler teamed up with free-jazzers Franz Fuexe to deliver a hilarious, action-loaded music video with a touch of anarchy.

Director's Biography
Daniel Wochermayr and Thomas Keplinger live and work in Upper Austria. They have worked under the name Framepunk Guerilla since discovering their passion for film a few years back.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Prolo4Life - Heckspoiler feat. Franz Fuexe (2020) - nice to meat you (2018, Keplinger) - Sigi (2018, Keplinger)
Local Artists 2021
Thomas Keplinger, Daniel Wochermayr
Austria 2020
4 minutes
Music Video
Screenplay Heckspoiler
Cinematography Thomas Keplinger, Daniel Wochermayr
Editing Thomas Keplinger
Music Heckspoiler
Producer(s) Daniel Wochermayr