Kreis - Ralph Mothwurf Orchestra

Two siblings, a rising tennis player und an upcoming writer, in a neglected castle. Days go by, with her training, him writing, until bizarre events start to occur.

Director's Biography
Kilian Immervoll (*1989, Bad Ischl) and Anna Sophia Rußmann (*1994, Grünburg) are visual artists and filmmakers based in Vienna.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Kreis - Ralph Mothwurf Orchestra (2021) - Wückis zam - Heinrich Himalaya (2020; CE'20) - Great Wall Something (2019, Immervoll, Hannahlisa Kunyik; CE'19)
Local Artists 2021
Anna Sophia Rußmann, Kilian Immervoll
Austria 2021
6 minutes
Music Video
Screenplay Sarah Hichri
Cinematography Kilian Immervoll, Anna Sophia Rußmann
Editing Kilian Immervoll, Anna Sophia Rußmann
Music Ralph Mothwurf
Producer(s) Kilian Immervoll, Anna Sophia Rußmann