Vom Ankommen

About Arriving

David is in love with Alena, his friend Paul's girlfriend. Alena and Paul’s relationship crumbles. One day, David's long-standing dream seems to come true.

Director's Biography
Eric M. Weglehner, a native of Linz, lives in Vienna. He studied MultiMediaArt, specializing in directing. Currently he attends the School for Independent Film - Friedl Kubelka.
Films - Selection
Vom Ankommen (About Arriving, 2021) - Sekt (Shower, 2020) - Zingerle (2019) - Unter Toten (Among the Dead, 2017)
Local Artists 2021
Eric M. Weglehner
Austria 2021
26 minutes
OV with English subtitles

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Screenplay Eric M. Weglehner
Cinematography Dominik Mayer
Editing Eric M. Weglehner
Sound/Sounddesign Victoria Grohs
With Simon Morzé, Benita Martins, Phillipp Laabmayr
Producer(s) Eric M. Weglehner, Dominik Mayer