Elias is looking for a sense of belonging in a male-dominated world. How far will he go for this desire?

Director's Biography
Dominik Galleya Tendl (*1989, Brixlegg, Tyrol) and Clemens Niel (*1991, Graz, Styria) started collaborating while studying at the University of Arts Linz. DIVE is their second narrative short.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Tauchen (Dive, 2021) - Green - Tomá Ivanov (2020, Tendl; CE'21) - Oben bleiben (Stay Up, 2019; CE'19) - MC - TTR Allstars (2018; CE'19)
Local Artists 2021
Clemens Niel, Dominik Galleya Tendl
Austria 2021
14 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Dominik Galleya Tendl, Clemens Niel
Cinematography Clemens Niel
Editing Dominik Galleya Tendl, Clemens Niel
Producer(s) Shari Ehlers, Manuel Defregger