First Film Highlights

In this year’s program selection you will find many CROSSING EUROPE guests and award winners from the previous editions who will be returning to Linz with their current productions – significant films in this year’s edition made by directors who have been connected to the festival for many years, thereby also shaping the festival.

YAAAS! Competition: Complete Line-Up

The YAAAS! Competition is a part of the new YAAAS! Youth Program at CROSSING EUROPE, that offers a holistic program of film education, acquisition of media competencies and DIY-video production. Taking place for the first time this year, the YAAAS! Competition is the fourth competition section, in which the winner of the CROSSING EUROPE Award – Youth Jury, endowed with 2000€ is selected.


For two years now, the festival has been cooperating with FLIMMIT (, the Video-on-Demand platform of the Austrian broadcasting service. Thousands of productions (mostly Austrian and European) can be viewed, including many highlights of the European film festival. 

Cinema Next Europe Club

CROSSING EUROPE and Cinema Next are presenting the so-called Cinema Next Europe Club for the first time. The club is expanding the Cinema Next Europe program strand to include a campus for ten young filmmakers, who will be invited to Linz for four days. The call for entries should attract young filmmakers from Austria who work in the field of documentary films.

Festival Opening 2019


One of this year’s opening films is dedicated to the renowned Austrian Photographer Elfie Semotan, the director Joerg Burger dedicated a multi-layered cinematographic homage to her with the film ELFIE SEMOTAN, PHOTOGRAPHER - Preview (AT 2019; production: Navigator Film), that will celebrate its world premiere at the opening of CROSSING EUROPE (April 25). Additionally, the solo exhibition STANDING, WAITING (2007/2019) with works by Elfie Semotan, will open at the OK Offenes Kulturhaus – a revival of the eponymous project for the OK exhibition SCHAURAUSCH in the year 2007, that was a precursor to Linz09 and brought art into display windows, shops, and malls in Linz.


Spotlight 2019: Iris Elezi

Iris Elezi is a real renaissance woman of contemporary European film culture. She studied film theory and criticism, anthropology, Gender Studies, and film production. She is an active film conservator, and an experienced teacher, producer, author, director, and by far one of the most passionate “emissaries” of Albanian cinema abroad.
(Jurij Meden, Austrian Film Museum)

Festival trailer 2019: BRACE FOR IMPACT

For the new festival trailer CROSSING EUROPE could win over the young filmmaker Leni Gruber (*1991) from Wels. The two time award winner at CROSSING EUROPE – 2018 for her short film SCHNEEMANN (AT 2018) and 2016 for the music video WÖSSIDE – WÖS RAP REC (AT 2015) – has been studying screen writing and dramaturgy at the film academy in Vienna. Next to her own work as a director and screen writer, she has also been successful as producer, e.g with the documentary SAND UND BLUT (AT 2017) by Matthias Krepp and Angelika Spangel, which was shown at multiple international festivals. In 2017 Leni Gruber was awarded the grant for screen writing by the Literar Mechana.

Save the Date!

In just over five months CROSSING EUROPE will start its 17th edition. From April 21 to 26, CROSSING EUROPE dedicates itself to the concept of presenting ambitious European film in an accessible manner and making a direct exchange with filmmakers possible. In the coming spring the European film continent will once again be the programmatic focus of Austria’s second largest international film festival.