All Now, All Free!

Test and send back: An online retailer's offer is used by Michael Heindl to create two artworks at once – and to question the more absurd aspects of capitalism.

Director's Biography
Michael Heindl (*1988, Linz) lives and works in Vienna and Scharten. In his work, Heindl is interested in the possibilities of art in public space. Phenomena of everyday life often serve as the starting points. LENTOS Art Prize winner in 2016.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
All Now, All Free! (2020) - Stones (2019; CE'20) - Budget Rebellion (A Clandestine Workers Tale) (2017; CE'18) - Hard-headed Harmony (2019; CE'20) - Theory of Colours (2017; CE'18)
Local Artists 2021
Michael Heindl
Austria 2021
7 minutes
without dialogue
World Sales