Tehran Recyclers

In the urban hideouts of this city, little digitally composed creatures come to life. The clatter of their limbs interacts with the soundscapes of Tehran.

Director's Biography
Nikki Schuster is an animation film and sound artist. Born in Steyr, Upper Austria, and based in Berlin, she is the founder of the animation label Fiesfilm. Her work ANIMISTICA won the 2019 CROSSING EUROPE Innovative Award - Local Artist.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Tehran Recyclers (2020) - animistica (2018; CE'19) - Mexico Recyclers (2016; CE'17) - Absent (2015; CE'16) - Taipeh Recyclers (2014; CE'14) - Parasit (2013; CE'13) - Paris Recyclers (2010; CE'11) - Robotant (2007; CE'08)
Local Artists 2021
Nikki Schuster
Austria / Germany / Iran 2020
6 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Nikki Schuster
Cinematography Nikki Schuster
Editing Nikki Schuster
Music Nikki Schuster
Producer(s) Nikki Schuster
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