In all their urgency and contradictoriness, FILM shows possible motivations and approaches of a hypothetical, artistic avant-garde.

Director's Biography
Marlies Stöger and André Tschinder studied fine arts, were radio producers and part of the artist group ekw14,90. They live and work in Linz.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
film (2020) - Pression Atmosphérique (2013, Stöger) - Demut statt Wehmut (2008, as ekw14,90) - bitte, bitte (2009, as ekw14,90; CE'09) - Die Käseprinzessin rettet den Moment (2004, co-directed with Moke Klengel, Stoffl Rath, Birgit Stöger)
Local Artists 2021
Marlies Stöger, André Tschinder
Austria 2020
7 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Cinematography Marlies Stöger, André Tschinder
Editing André Tschinder
Music André Tschinder
Producer(s) Marlies Stöger, André Tschinder