Der Faulturm

How to bring to light the special acoustics of the digester towers in Linz? With Linz AG musicians, music by Peter Androsch, poetic images, and no further explanation.

Director's Biography
Anatol Bogendorfer (*1979) is a filmmaker, musician, and member of Hörstadt, a laboratory for acoustics, space and society. He lives in Linz.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Der Faulturm (2020) - HURE x 552 (Whore x 552, 2018; CE'19) - Hotel Obscura (2016; CE'16) - Lux Minor (2015; CE'15) - Innere Blutungen (2013, doc. co-directed with Florian Sedmak; CE'13) - Von Linz nach Venedig - Zu Fuß über die Alpen ans Meer (2009/10; CE'10)
Local Artists 2021
Anatol Bogendorfer
Austria 2020
11 minutes
Cinematography Christian Dietl, Raffael Portugal
Editing Anatol Bogendorfer
Music Peter Androsch
BOXA FILM, Retro Goldmine, Hörstadt, LINZ AG