Daffodil 1+2+3+4+5

Corona was a constraining time, but there was room for small, playful animation and music experiments, and time for thousands of computer drawings. Five miniatures.

Director's Biography
Thomas Steiner (*1956), experimental artist based in Linz, studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna with Maria Lassnig. Participant in national and international film festivals since 1984, solo and group exhibitions since the 1990s. He is a member of the Upper Austrian Art Association, ASIFA Austria, and the Vienna Künstlerhaus.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
TOVO (2020; CE'20) - FLUIDE (2018; CE'18) - Lap of Luxury (2016; CE'17) - Theresia (2013; CE'14) - Rotonda_Birgit & Paolo (2013; CE'13) - 36 Views (2011; CE'11) - Camping Cézanne (2009; CE'10) - Cervinara (2008; CE'09) - Tau II (2006; CE'06) - Studio (2003; CE'04)
Local Artists 2021
Thomas Steiner
Austria 2020
6 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Thomas Steiner
Cinematography Thomas Steiner
Editing Thomas Steiner
Music Thomas Steiner
Producer(s) Thomas Steiner