A surrealist drift that questions the notion of inhabiting using the collage technique. "The house is our corner of the world." (Bachelard, "The Poetics of Space").

Director's Biography
Florine Mougel (*1991) is a French media artist. She holds BA degrees in cinema studies from the Sorbonne University in Paris and in fine art from the School of Art and Design Marseille. She recently graduated from the University of Arts Linz, where she researched the poetic of flows.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Parcourir (2020) - Peuplades (Tribes, 2017) - Fernweh / Heimweh (2016) - Le songe d’un film (The Dream of a Film, 2014)
Local Artists 2021
Florine Mougel
Austria 2020
color & black and white
6 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Florine Mougel
Cinematography Florine Mougel
Editing Florine Mougel
Music Florine Mougel
Producer(s) Florine Mougel